codyashIt has been my experience in business, even in life, that it really is “about us” not just about me. It’s about working collaboratively with the world around and what we can do together to bring a little more joy, beauty, and passion into this world. This philosophy shapes the mission of our company.

Callahan Leatherpress was created to display your passion. What does that mean, you ask? Well, my goal is to take what you love, admire, respect, honor, or cherish, and communicate that passion through the medium of the most time tested substance on earth; leather. Strong, durable, beautiful leather. If what we create doesn’t inspire your soul, make you glow with pride, or get your heart beating a little faster, than we need a do-over. This really is what we are about.

Who we are:

My wife, Ashley, and I look at each other a little funny when we try to answer this question. The truth is, this is exactly what we are trying to figure out. I can tell you this. We are people, just like you. We are passionate dreamers fighting the same fights as many of you. We are facing our fears, accepting the challenges, and moving forward one step at a time.

We are also parents. We have 3 of the loudest, most loving, and unique children. They have truly taught us about love. We love them unconditionally and we have become ok with telling them that “we don’t know the answer to that.”

We have loved each other since childhood, and are in love still. We argue, we laugh, we disagree, and we believe in each other no matter what.

So, until someone wiser than I can tell you “Who We Are,” Here are a few insights that might help.


Star Wars, Not Star Trek
I dont Understand Mayonnaise
Rosemary Beach
San Francisco. There, I said it.
The Beatles, Aerosmith, Queen, Beyonce
They should make more pants with 33” waist
Fruity Pebbles


Chick Flicks….with milk duds
Dancing (this is new)
Coffee and Kombucha
Deep Connection
3 Brothers……only girl
Secretly wanted the leading role in High School Musical
Rosemary Beach
San Diego
Love cheering on a team….any team
Coconut oil…..for everything
I want to change the world
Boots, scarves, and campfires
Downtown Fort Worth
Insanely attracted to my hubs
Long lists 🙂