Caring For Your Leather

Your leather piece is conditioned with natural botanicals; neatsfoot oil, bees wax and a top coat of an acrylic based finish. This is more than enough to get it through its first year of life under normal conditions. Keeping it dust free and out of direct sunlight is the most nurturing way to treat your leather piece. Mink oil or Neatsfoot oil will bring a Hi polish tone. The key here is to use sparingly and never scrub. If you are in a jam, a little coconut or olive oil will do the trick. Use these extremely sparingly. Clean or shine with lent free materials only!

Here are a few “Do’s and Don’ts” That Just help.


Keep the dust off; softly
Oil with mink oil; quarterly
Talk to it; whenever


Clean with solvents or household cleaners
Scrub, press on, rub, or wash. No water.
Display in harsh or direct sunlight

logoleathercareOne more thing. There is an enemy in this Leather game. It is the almighty fingernail. We make these pieces to be pleasing to the senses. We expect it to be touched. But think about it….what is a fingernail gonna do? Nothin good. Fingertips only folks!